Chairs and benches

Chairs and benches

Chairs and benches

Stools, chairs and benches made from recycled wood, rattan, steel and ceramics. The most used reclaimed wood includes pine and teak.

All furtniture are hand crafted.

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Dining Chair White

Product no.: 1017

White painted dining chair with the beautiful and simply desing made from reclaimed wood handcrafted.

Delivery weight: 9 kg

Steel chair

Product no.: 1018

A dining chair with the white painted metal frame. The seat is made from rustic reclaimed pine.

Delivery weight: 11 kg

Rattan chair

Product no.: 1015

A distinctive beautifully shaped rattan chair which is comfortable to sit. You can use it on a balcony, veranda or inside the house.

Delivery weight: 5 kg

Semarang stool

Product no.: 1005

A wooden stool from the Semarang collection. You can use it as a chair, bedside table or side table.

Delivery weight: 5.5 kg

Semarang bar stool

Product no.: 1012

This multifunctional Semarang bar stool can be used also as a side table or under a flower pot.

Delivery weight: 6.9 kg

Semarang bench 120

Product no.: 1010

Handcrafted bench made from hardwood. You can use it for expample in a hall or in a bedroom.

Delivery weight: 11.5 kg

Semarang bench 235

Product no.: 1001

A handcrafted steady and robust bench from reclaimed hardwood with white straight painted legs.

Delivery weight: 28 kg

Binjai bench 240

Product no.: 1002

Handcrafted steady bench made from reclaimed wood with white painted cross legs.

Delivery weight: 28.5 kg

Bench with metal legs

Product no.: 1021

Hardwood bench with the white painted metal needle legs and cover made from reclaimed wood.

Delivery weight: 17 kg

Padang bench teak 160

Product no.: 1014

Handcrafted hardwood bench with black painted steel frame. The lenght of the bench is 160 cm.

Delivery weight: 19.7 kg

Padang bench pine 160

Product no.: 1013

Handcrafted bench from hardwood with industrial style metal leg. The width of of the bench is 160 cm.

Delivery weight: 19.2 kg

Semarang chest 100

Product no.: 1019

A steady multipurposen bench with the storage room inside. It solves your storing problems even in smaller places.

Delivery weight: 24 kg

Semarang chest bench

Product no.: 1011

Delivery weight: 28 kg

Semarang cat litter box

Product no.: 1020

This bench belongs to Semarang collection. It has a cat litter box inside and own doorway for cat.

Delivery weight: 21 kg

Oriental teak stool

Product no.: 1006

A beautiful traditional teak stool for indoor or outdoor use. It is inspired from ancient asian stools.

Delivery weight: 8 kg

Ceramic stool, lattice

Product no.: 1009

Multifunctional chinese garden stool for indoor or outdoor use can be used in the garden or in a living room.

Delivery weight: 9 kg

Ceramic stool, white

Product no.: 1007

White ceramic drum stool for indoor or outdoor use. You can use it as a stool or a side table.

Delivery weight: 9 kg

Ceramic stool, turquoise

Product no.: 1008

Turqoise ceramic drum stool for indoor or outdoor use. You can use it as a stool or a side table.

Delivery weight: 9 kg

Ladder chair

Product no.: 1003

A multifunctional chair which you can use as a chair or a ladder. There are hinges that allow you to use it as a chair and when you open the hinges it becomes a ladder.

Delivery weight: 7.5 kg


Product no.: 3002

Delivery weight: 50 kg

Kudus rocking chair

Product no.: 3003