How to order

Who can order?

The products in the online shop are sold by Desanne. We sell the products to over 18-year-old individuals or companies in Finland. Our products include VAT and we hold the right to change the prices of the products as well as the shipping costs.


The products can be ordered via the website through the shopping cart. To purchase an item, move the desired products into the shopping cart and go to the checkout.

All orders are confirmed through an email, which states the total price of the order, shipping costs as well as the products that were ordered. In order to receive a confirmation email, an email needs to be given while making the order.

The customer agrees to all the shipping terms and conditions during the order.

We deliver all orders over 700€ without delivery fee.

Purchase process

The purchase process consists of four parts:

  1. The shopping cart, which also contains the shipping and payment method.
  2. Address information
  3. Checking and ordering
  4. Payment

After a payment has been approved, you will get an order confirmation.

Order confirmation

We will send an order confirmation via email, where you will see:

  • Your reference number
  • The final sum of the bill

On your user profile on the website, you can check the contents of your order.

We hold the right to change the ordering policy. It is important that before you order you always check the terms and conditions that are in place at that time.