The cabinets, vitrines and shelfs are han crafted of reclaimed pine and mahogany with a high quality finnish. All models have been adapted to Scandinavian stule and colors.

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Sorong small cabinet

Product no.: 4016

Sorong small cabinet is perfect for a lounge set or night table.

Delivery weight: 16 kg

Batam sideboard

Product no.: 4013

This Batam sideboard has two drawers and two  doors.

Delivery weight: 36 g

Semarang TV cabinet 116

Product no.: 4012

Our best seller TV-cabinet has now get a smaller version; 116cm wide cabinet.

Delivery weight: 37 kg

Semarang bedside table

Product no.: 2020

The small Semarang table with one drawer is perfect to be used as a bed side table. The table comes with one drawer.

Delivery weight: 13 kg

Semarang TV cabinet

Product no.: 4003

This low cabinet is perfect for TV or you can also use it as a bench. It comes with five drawers and two doors.

Delivery weight: 56 kg

Semarang tall cabinet, 2 doors

Product no.: 4007

A rustic white bureau with five drawers and two doors. The frame is white painted reclaimed pine and doors have wood colour.

Delivery weight: 58 kg

Colorful cabinet

Product no.: 4005

Colourful cabinet with one glass door and seven drawers. The top of the cabinet is reclaimed mahogany and the frame is reclaimed wood.

Delivery weight: 51 kg

Medan cabinet 120

Product no.: 4009

Delivery weight: 55 kg

Medan chest of drawers 163

Product no.: 4004

Robust chest of drawers with beautifully handcrafted cover. Medan chest comes with five dravers, two doors and two rattan baskets.

Delivery weight: 62 kg

Medan bookcase

Product no.: 4008

This robust Medan bookcase is made from reclaimed pine. It comes with two separate rattan boxes.

950.00 €
You save 50 %
Delivery weight: 37 kg

Batam TV cabinet

Product no.: 4014

This Batam TV cabinet has a black painted steel frame and two doors. This cabinet is a part of Batam collection.

Delivery weight: 36 kg

Sorong cabinet

Product no.: 4015

Sorong is our brand new furniture collection with a quite light wood colour. 

Delivery weight: 34 kg