Semarang chest 100

Product no.: 1019
Delivery weight: 24 kg

Semarang chest is a robust and multi-functional piece of furniture. You can use it in the bedroom, hall or you can keep fire wood inside it. The chest is made from reclaimed pine. The cover has a wood colour and from elsewhere it is  painted white.

Hight 45 cm

Length 100 cm

Width 38 cm

Weight 21 kg



The Semarang collection is the biggest product family of Desanne. It consists of dining tables, benches, stools, coffee tables and cabinets. The collection has made from reclaimed pine.The furniture material comes mostly from old buildings which save precious rainforest from logging. The reclaimed wood gives a distinctive appearance and each piece of furniture is unique. There might be some variations and marks of removed nails and the size of the product may vary.

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